Welcome to Diamonds!

We are a friendly and informal transgender and non-binary support and social group based in Cambridge.

You may be a transgendered or non-binary person, transsexual, transvestite, crossdresser, a friend or a partner... someone looking for help, advice, friendship, or maybe just a social scene. Maybe you're considering coming out for the first time, unsure about your feelings, or confused about the antics of your flatmate or partner. We can help!

The group is open to anyone with an interest in transgender issues. Our members are varied, ranging from the shy occasional dresser to those who have transitioned and live full time in their preferred gender. Everyone is welcome and there are no membership fees.

To get in touch, please email us or visit our public landing page on Facebook.

Panda on a the table in the pub
Back in the pub after lockdown, August 2021
Diamonds logo
Diamonds logos
The Boathouse
Our main venue, the Boathouse
Pandas on a the table in the pub
Pandas at the pub, September 2021
Pandas on a the table in the pub
Pandas in the pub, August 2021
Group of Diamonds under a gazebo
Socially distanced outdoor meeting, July 2021
Pandas on a blanket with a phone
Evening in the Park, July 2021
Picnic table with panda
Socially distanced picnic, July 2021
View of picnic
Socially distanced picnic, July 2020
Panda and book
Bedtime reading for Panda Minim
View of picnic
Online meeting during lockdown, July 2020
Gem pouring juice
Socially distanced picnic, July 2020
Gem on Logan's Meadow
Socially distanced picnic, July 2020
Rainbow panda
One of our table mascots, in rainbow colours
Gem's birthday BBQ
Panda Barbie at Gem's 2019 birthday BBQ
Panda and BBQ
Table mascot Barbie
Panda and BBQ
Gem's Birthday BBQ, August 2019
Gem and BBQ
Gem's Birthday BBQ, August 2019
Lorna at the Boathouse
Table mascot Lorna at the Boathouse
Diamonds members at Ely Pride
Ely Pride, August 2019
Flag pole
Ely Pride, August 2019
Gem with panda and banner
Ely Pride, August 2019
Building a panda
Ely Pride, August 2019
Panda Grace with earrings and pendant
Grace, one of the Diamonds table mascots
Kim Bolton on a train
Kim Bolton on a trip to Brighton Pride 2019
Decorated punt on the Cam
Cambridge Pride, June 2019
Giant pink and blue panda
Cambridge Pride, June 2019
Gem and barbecue
Gem's birthday BBQ, Aug 2018
Barbecue on table
Gem's birthday BBQ, Aug 2018
Sam on top of a house of cards
Sam is Monach of the Castle!
Four pandas and a red dragon
Pandas (and a dragon) at Diamonds Central, August 2018
Pandas with Sparkle guidebook
Daisy, Anthea and Siân discuss Sparkle 2018
Pandas on a table
April 2018 Dining Club at Jamie's Italian
Diamonds table mascot Rupert enjoying a coffee
Diamonds panda mascot Sam
Sam, one of the Diamonds table mascots
Tally drinking from a wine glass
Diamonds table mascot Tally

This week... (see the events diary for a full list)

Sat 2Dining Club: Socially distanced picnic, 3-5 pm, Logan's Meadow.
We are still hosting the picnics on a rotating "one last time" basis. This Saturday could your last chance with temperatures in the mid teens and a fair gamble for rain predicted.
Wed 6Diamonds Central: The Boathouse, 8-10 pm    


Diamonds Diamonds Diamonds
Diamonds Diamonds Diamonds Diamonds
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