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A gathering of pandas!

Pandas with Diamonds leaflet
Mona has undergone some surgery to reposition her eyes...

April Dining Club at Klub Polonia

Two pandas
Panda April was nearly born at dining club (1 April 2017), but unfortunately there was no suitable wool for her mouth so her birth had to wait...

Pandas at Meet, Chat and Discuss

Panda April
Panda April finally got her mouth, red lipstick included.
Sam with train in background
Meanwhile, Sam was enjoying a holiday.

Trip to Sparkle 2017

Several Diamonds attended the national Sparkle transgender celebration event in Manchester, 7-11 July 2017. We had a great weekend, enjoying the music in Sackville Gardens (even if it was a bit loud at times), listening to the talks and joining the workshops in the LGBT Foundation, partying in the bars, browsing the Arndale and Afflecks, and sampling Manchester's restaurants. A huge thanks goes to our very own Gem Taylor who once again organised cheap accommodation for us in Weston Halls. For the official Sparkle website click here.

Pandas on a table
Four new pandas were born at Sparkle, including Kim Bolton, pictured here on Canal Street with Sam and a partially constructed panda.
Three pandas plus wristband
Back in Cambridge, new panda Kim Bolton shares Sparkle stories with Mick and Rupert.

Pandas at Meet, Chat and Discus (20 July)

Sparkle-born pandas Sailor and Xena made their introductions and were adopted by Diamonds members. Meanwhile Hugh, who could not be assembled at Sparkle due to a lack of noses, was born.

Pandas on a table
The pandas outnumbered the people at this stage in the evening!
Sailor on a beer glass
A comfortable seat?
Hugh on a table
Panda Hugh at the Boathouse

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