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Panda Jo hits the road!

Jo the Panda enjoying a wild ride around the lanes of Kent

Jo on a car dashboard with a road behind

Christmas Dinner 2016

This year we went to the White Hart in St Ives where we enjoyed a lovely (and filling - large portion sizes here!) meal. Many thanks to Gem for organising this year's dinner.

Diamonds pandas at the White Hart
Diamonds pandas at the White Hart. L-R: Sam, Awhina, ??, Mona, Sheila, Katie, Rupert
Sheila, Katie and Rupert
Sheila, Katie and Rupert getting into the Christmas spirit
Christmas dinner 2016
Enjoying Christmas dinner at the White Hart

Panda Sam out and about

Some pictures from Sam's recent adventures!

Sam in a rhododendron bush
Rhododendron Sam
Sam in a cherry tree
Cherry Tree Sam
Sam in the cab of a miniature train
Engineer Sam
Sam in some flowers
Forget Sam Not
Sam and a red panda enclosure
Sam wonders if red pandas are closely related to pink ones
Sam on a rainbow pony
Sam the jockey

Pink Festival: Sunday Party at the Boathouse

The 2016 Pink Festival Sunday Party (Sun 4 Sept) was a great success, featuring live on-stage music in the car park, BBQ, children's activities, craft stalls, disco, and more! Diamonds put in a good presence, with members helping to set up and stewarding as well as enjoying the entertainment. Our banner put in an appearance too!

Diamonds banner with stage in background
Pink Festival Sunday Party at the Boathouse
Panda Sam at the Pink Festival
Panda Sam at the Boathouse Sunday Party
Diamonds banner
Stephanie with the Diamonds banner

Panda Mona... Mum!

Mona is a giant panda, so she's clearly the mum!

Panda Mona with Sheila, Sam and Boris
Panda Mona with Sheila, Sam and Boris
Panda Mona
Panda Mona... Mum!

Katie on holiday in Rome

Panda Katie and Susan went on holiday to Rome!

Katie in Rome
Katie on holiday in Rome (1)
Katie in Rome
Katie on holiday in Rome (2)
Katie in Rome
Katie on holiday in Rome (3)
Katie in Rome
Katie on holiday in Rome (4)

Panda introductions at Thursday at Meet, Chat and Discuss, 14 July

Sparkle-born pandas Rose and Tally attended their first Thursday meeting, while Panda Boris made his first appearance as Foreign Secretary. Plus, fabulous ice cream cupcakes supplied by Megan!

Boris the Panda
Presenting your new Foreign Secretary, all hail Boris!
Boris with a cupcake
He likes ice cream too
Tally consuming wine
Tally's full name is Talisker Oban Laphroaig Glenfiddich. No wonder she ends up in the gutter at the end of the night!

Sparkle 2016: National Transgender Celebration in Manchester, 7-11 July 2016

Many diamonds attended and in spite of the rain had lots of fun variously enjoying the atmosphere and live music in Sackville Gardens and on Canal Street, attending the talks and workshops at the LGBT Foundation, eating out in the pubs, restaurants and tea rooms, browsing the shops (and scouring the city in search of navy blue wool for the Diamonds Pandas), visiting museums, making new friends and catching up with old ones from across the country, and partying the nights away in the pubs and clubs of Manchester's Gay Village. Three new panda mascots were born: Lulu II (who was adopted by a passenger on the train out), Rose (who is very pink due to a temporary blue wool shortage), and a third who has yet to be christened.

A huge thanks must go to Gem for organising the accommodation at Weston Halls for us. Please click here to give feedback and register your interest for next year!

Katie at MK railway station
Sparkle 2016: Katie the Panda waiting for the train at Milton Keynes station
Lulu II the panda being adopted
Sparkle 2016: Panda Lulu (II) was born on the train to Manchester, and adopted by our fellow passenger
Katie the Panda
Sparkle 2016: Katie the Panda checks into Weston Halls
Gem, Stephanie and Susan having dinner
Sparkle 2016: Thursday evening dinner at the Bandit, Mugger and Thief pub: Gem, Stephanie, Susan and Katie the Panda
Stephanie on a street
Sparkle 2016: Stephanie exploring the streets of Manchester
Katie with a Sparkle wristband
Michelle and Gem enjoying a drink with Katie the Panda
Dinner at Try Thai
Sparkle 2016: Friday dinner at Try Thai, featuring panda stars Katie and Rose
Katie the Panda at the People's History Museum
Sparkle 2016: Susan and mascot Katie took some time out from Sparkle to visit the People's History Musueum
Katie the Panda on the bridge by Canal Street
Sparkle 2016: Katie the Panda on the bridge by Canal Street
Katie the Panda on the bridge by Canal Street
Sparkle 2016: Katie the Panda on the bridge by Canal Street - view towards Sackville Gardens
Katie the Panda and a police car
Sparkle 2016: Katie chats to the event police
Jazz in Sackville Gardens
Sparkle 2016: Jazz enjoys a drink in Sackville Gardens
Jazz in Sackville Gardens
Susan and Katie join the party
Katie and one of the stalls
Sparkle 2016: Katie at the Spectrum Pride stall
Katie and an LGBT Foundation banner
LGBT Foundation: Equality Wins!
Diamonds at Arnero restaurant
Saturday dinner: Jazz, Susan, Michelle, Gem and Stephanie at Arnero
Pandas at Arnero restaurant
Saturday dinner: Katie and Rose enjoyed their dinners too
Rose sitting on a glass
Rose found a comfortable seat!
The birth of Tally was captured on camera
The Transgender memorial in Sackville Gardens
Sparkle 2016: The latest addition to our mascot tribe (Tally) takes a moment to remember

July Dining Club at Moza

8 fabulous diamonds throroughly enjoyed a lovely evening at Moza tasting a variety of Indian dishes -including popadums, onion bahji, a wide range of curries (chicken, lamb, fish, etc.), different kinds of freshly made pilau rice and naan bread (plain, garlic, peshwari), and completed with a variety of fruits and rice puddings... The pandas only emerged once they heard that the curries had been cleared. Apparently they did not fancy any curry stain!

Mick sitting in a menu
A row of Diamonds pandas
Another shot of the Diamonds pandas

April Dining Club at Klub Polonia

A wet evening outside but a delicious meal inside. The Diamonds pandas gathered for their puddings.

Diamonds pandas with a slice of cake
Jenna and Mick, with pudding
Jenna and Mick, with another desert

Susan's Birthday at Nines

Several Diamonds celebrated Susan's birthday with a meal out at Nines Global Buffet. New panda mascot Sam was also born, thus sharing a birthday with Susan!

Rupert, Mick and Sam with a bowl of water
Rupert, Mick and Sam freshen up after the meal
New panda mascot Sam with Mick and Rupert
New panda mascot Sam with Mick and Rupert

Panda Mick in Brighton

Diamonds table mascot Panda Mick went to Brighton for the day with one of our Diamonds members.

Panda Mick by the sea in Brighton
Enjoying the sun in Brighton
Mick with some plastic diamonds
Mick even won some plastic diamonds on the slot machines!

January Dining Club

January dining club was on Sat 9th Jan at The Grapes, Histon Road (Benji's Thai Food)

Mick with a bowl of yellow curry
Mick enjoying his yellow curry
Jenna, Mick and Rupert
Diamonds panda mascots at the January Dining Club

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