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Evening in the Park, 7 July 2021

First of our July socially distanced Evening in the Park meetings. Gazebo, fairy lights and flags provided by Gem.

Group of Diamonds sitting under a gazebo
Evening meeting on Logon's Meadow

Socially distanced picnic, 10 July 2021

A sunny afternoon in the meadow, including the birth of a new rainbow panda

Picnic table with panda
Newborn rainbow panda
Panda on picnic table with food and trans flag
Tucking into lunch
Panda on picnic table with trans badge

Evening in the Park, 28 July 2021

A rather wet evening, but fortunately the gazebo was waterproof. This will be the last of our July evenings in the park. Next week we'll try a cautious return to the pub.

Three diamonds under a gazebo Pandas on a blanket with a phone

Back in the pub, 11 August 2021

Panda on a the table in the pub
Kim Bolton was very happy to be back in the pub after more than a year of Zoom meetings.

Pandas in the Pub

Pandas in the pub
25 August 2021
Pandas in the pub
29 September 2021. Pub meets continue - soon we'll be needing a bigger table!

Last of the 2021 Summer Picnics, October 2021

We were still hosting the picnics on a rotating "one last time" basis, but with temperatures in the mid teens and the arrival of rain as well as wind this was likely to be the last one for this year.

Diamonds under a gazebo
Getting a bit cold and windy for pinics

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