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Sam rocking

Fabulous felting by Sophie at Diamonds Central on 28th February

Sam with a felt guitar

Cambridge Pride 2019

Cambridge's first Pride took place on Saturday 8th June 2019, including a punt parade with each punt decorated in a colour of the rainbow flag and carrying members of local LGBT+ support groups. Diamonds had the yellow punt!

A giant pink and blue panda
Our punt included a giant panda (who sadly did not survive the rain)
Decorated punt on the Cam
Diamonds member Michelle braved the cold and rain at the front, while others sheltered under umbrellas

Pandas at Diamonds Central

Panda Grace was born at Diamonds Central on 11th July 2019, and was quickly adopted!

Grace at the Boathouse
Grace was born on 11th July 2019
Sam at the Boathouse
Sam, sparkling as ever

Riding the heatwave

Cambridge set a new UK record for the highest recorded temperature on Thursday 25th July 2019 (38.7 °C). Diamonds met as usual at the Boathouse, where new panda Piglet was born, Panda Grace showed off her new earings and pendant, and Panda Kim Bolton reported on her trip to Brighton Pride.

Kim Bolton on a train
Kim Bolton speeding on her way to Brighton Pride with one of our Diamonds members
Kim Bolton with a phone
Phone guarding duty!
Panda Grace with earrings and pendant
Grace was very excited to get her ears pieced and choose a matching pendant
New panda at the Boathouse
New-born panda Piglet (it was a bit cooler by this time)

Diamonds Central, 8 August 2019

The rain held off almost all evening, but not quite long enough for new panda Lorna to be born. Fortunately the band had finished playing by the time the rain forced us inside, so conversation could continue without need for shouting.

Panda at the Boathouse
New panda Lorna

Ely Pride, 10 August 2019

Strong winds drove the event inside, but the organisers found room for our stall, complete with giant balloon panda and equally massive flag pole, in the Maltings hall. A good time was had by everyone.

Building a panda
Amazing what you can do with balloons and sticky tape
Head of our giant panda
Head awaiting attachment to the body
Giant panda at Ely Pride
Who's that on my head?
Gem with panda and banner
No mistaking who we are now
Diamonds leaflets
We did have some leaflets as well
Flag pole
Transgender, pansexual, and non-binary flags
Gem, Lauren and Heather by the flag pole
Diamonds members Gem, Lauren and Heather at Ely Pride

Gem's 2019 Birthday BBQ

Good weather, good food, even better company, and the birth of new panda Barbie. What more could a Diamond want?

Gem and BBQ
Gem busy at the barbecue
Panda and BBQ
New born panda Barbie
Panda and small BBQ
Barbie still posing
Panda and diamonds members

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