Diamonds Regular Events

This page gives an overview of our regular meetings and other events. Please also see the events diary for a list of all upcoming events by date.

Diamonds weekly events

Main meeting: Diamonds Central

The Boathouse

Diamonds Central - Thursdays at the Boathouse, 8 till late
The main weekly meeting takes place every Thursdays in the Boathouse pub (Chesterton Road) from 8-11 pm. This provides a chance to relax, meet others, grab a snack and have a few drinks, seek support, and discuss events and issues in a non-judgemental environment. Newcomers are always very welcome. The staff and pub regulars know us and are trans friendly. A pay-and-display car park is available, and some of the cost can be redeemed at the bar, or there is adequate on-street parking. This is the recommended event to attend if you are new to Diamonds and/or to transgender. Numbers vary from a few people to a dozen or more. It is rare for there to be no-one there at all (although sometimes people do not start arriving until after 8.30 or 9 pm) but you may wish to contact us before turning up, especially if it is your first time, just to make sure.
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Additional meetings: Diamonds Extra

In addition to our main meeting on Thursday, many of our members get together for activities at other times in the week, as listed below:

PLEASE NOTE: Unlike Diamonds Central meetings on Thursdays, Diamonds Extra activities are not necessarily intended to act as support groups, so if you are looking for this we recommend coming on Thursdays instead. Numbers also tend to be smaller than at the main meeting so we may be harder to spot (and more likely not to be there), and new members may not be specifically catered for, so we recommend contacting us first before turning up.

DiamondsDiamonds Extra: Dance night Warning sign - Wednesdays at The Brook, 8.30 till late
Many Diamonds regularly join the John Wright Wednesday Session band for their live music and dancing. Note that this is intended as an opportunity to mix with the public dancing, not as a support group - for that come to Diamonds Central on Thursdays instead. You may also wish to contact us to check that there will be someone there on a given night before turning up.

Important notice: From 26th September 2018 the band is moving to The Brook on Brookfields (at the bottom of Mill Road), and our dance nights are following them. As always please see the note above about Diamonds Extra events.

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Tea and cakeDiamonds Extra: Tea and cake Warning sign - Wednesdays 3-5pm
For those who are free during the day, some of our members often get together for a quiet chat in a local café. Please contact us for more details.
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Diamonds monthly events

Dining table
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Dining Club
Our monthly meal out at a nice restaurant somewhere in Cambridge takes place on the first Saturday of every month. See the events diary to find out where we're going this month, or alternatively contact us or join the tgcamb Yahoo group.
Dining club

Annual events

Katie on the bridge by Canal Street Trip to Sparkle, July

The annual Sparkle national transgender celebration event takes place each July in Manchester and usually many Diamonds members attend.

The 2018 event ran from 7th to 8th July. A number of Diamonds attended, and were treated to lots of sunny weather, great music, and interesting talks.


Transgender Day of Remembrance, 20th November

A quiet round the candle meeting to remember those across the world in the trans community who have suffered over the last year. The reading is organised by Diamonds but all are welcome.

The 2018 event will be on Tuesday 20th November at 7-8pm at the top of Castle Hill (CB3 0RG) overlooking the city. All are welcome to attend.

For more on the International Transgender Day of Remembrance please visit the official TDOR site, or for details of other TDOR events across the UK, please visit the UK site here.


Festive pandas Christmas Dinner

A chance to get out your best frock or dinner jacket and enjoy some festive cheer!

Our 2017 Christmas dinner was on Saturday 16th December at the Jolly Brewer in Milton, where we enjoyed a lovely meal. For 2018 our Christmas Dinner will be at our regular venue, the Boathouse, on Thursday 6th December.


Upcoming special events

Details of upcoming special events will appear here when available... watch this space

External events of interest

Please see here for links to nearby groups who hold regular events that may be of interested. Any additional one-off external events will be posted here.

Regular events that are no longer regular

Quiz night Quiz nights at the Boathouse: Sundays from 8.30 pm
The Boathouse runs quiz nights every Sunday evening and in the past Diamonds often entered a team. We haven't done so for a while, because not enough people were able to make it regularly. However there's no reason why we can't do it again if enough people are keen!
Quiz night