Diamonds Regular Events

This page gives an overview of our regular meetings and other events. Please also see the events diary for a list of all upcoming events by date.

Diamonds weekly events

The Boathouse

Diamonds Central - Wednesdays at the Boathouse, 8-11 pm
After over a year on Zoom, from August 2021 our main weekly meeting is back in the Boathouse pub (Chesterton Road) every Wednesday from 8-11 pm. This provides a chance to relax, meet others, grab a snack and have a few drinks, seek support, and discuss events and issues in a non-judgemental environment. Newcomers are always very welcome. This is the recommended event to attend if you are new to Diamonds and/or to transgender. Numbers vary from a few people to a dozen or more. It is rare for there to be no-one there at all (although sometimes people do not start arriving until after 8.30 or 9 pm) but you may wish to contact us before turning up, especially if it is your first time, just to make sure.
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DiamondsDiamonds Extra: Dance night
Not currently meeting due to covid-19
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Tea and cakeDiamonds Extra: Tea and cake
Not currently meeting due to covid-19
Cup of tea

Diamonds monthly events

Dining table
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Dining Club
Due to covid-19 these have currently been replaced by socially distanced picnics every two weeks in the summer months. We meet in a secluded park near the River Cam; please contact us for details. Please bring your own seat or picnic blanket if you can.
Dining club

Annual events

Katie on the bridge by Canal Street Trip to Sparkle, July
The annual Sparkle national transgender celebration event takes place each July in Manchester and usually many Diamonds members attend. The 2021 event was moved online due to covid-19; we will see what happens in 2022.

Transgender Day of Remembrance, 20th November

A quiet round the candle meeting to remember those across the world in the trans community who have suffered over the last year.


Festive pandas Christmas Dinner
There was no Christmas dinner in 2020 due to covid-19. We'll see what the situation is like in 2021.

Upcoming special events

Details of upcoming special events will appear here when available... watch this space

External events of interest

Please see here for links to nearby groups who hold regular events that may be of interested. Any additional one-off external events will be posted here.

Regular events that are no longer regular

Quiz night Quiz nights at the Boathouse
These were run at the Boathouse on Sunday evenings, and Diamonds often entered a team. Occassionally we even got some questions right!
Quiz night